Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Learning Styles

           We recently took test to find out what learning style we were.  The tests we took were called the Anthony Gregorc Learning Styles Test and Gardner Multiple Intelligences Test.  On the Gregorc Test it says I am a concrete sequential learner.  What that means is I am ordered, structured, organized, detailed, and I like to be exact.  According to the Gardner test I am bodily kinesthetic and logical mathematical learner. Bodily Kinesthetic learning means that I learn through somatic sensations, in simpler words, I learn through movements.  I think this one fits me since it says I love dancing, running, and other bodily movements, which from you learned from my first blog, I am a dancer.  Logical mathematical means that I think by reasoning.  It states that I love experimenting, questioning, figuring out puzzles, etc.  The test also says that I need things to explore and think about, science materials and manipulatives, and trips to the science museum and planetarium.  I disagree with this because I have never been to a planetarium and/or science museum in my life. 
           From the Gregorc test results I have learned that if I make checklists, summarize things, and do hands-on experiments, I can better my education.  I already do these things when I have an upcoming test or I just need to do this to make things a little easier for me.  From the Gardner test I have learned that if I make flashcards and move around while someone is quizzing me on them, I might learn the vocabulary words better.  Also if I experiment with things instead of just sitting there wondering about them, I will learn more facts about various objects. 
           One person whom I admire is my mom.  I think she is a Linguistic learner because she always has a new book she's reading.  Also, she is a language arts teacher at C.B. Lamb Elementary School in North Hanover.  Another person I admire is Lea Michele.  She is a singer so I think that she would probably be bodily-kinesthetic, because that involves singing.  The last person I admire is my brother. I believe he would be bodily-kinesthetic too because he played soccer about his whole life and baseball and all-star baseball until the end of sixth grade. 

           These test for the most part were correct, but because this was only a sample of the real ones, the result weren't as accurate as they could've been.  I believe these tests were a good way to discover more about ourselves.

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  1. On the Gregorc test, I also got Concrete Sequential. I think it fits you because you seem pretty organized and detailed! On the Gardner test, I also got Logical-Mathematical and Bodily-Kinesthetic. I like dance too (but I'm not very good at it!)

  2. I'm also logical and mathematical plus I'm bodily. I don't really agree with bodily but logical and mathematical I do.

  3. How can these test results help you in school?