Sunday, October 27, 2013


       100%. What does that mean?  To me, it means that I did an assignment perfectly.  However, I don't like how numbers define how much material I know.  Nothing goes into my head and can detect exactly how much knowledge I have on a scale from 1 to 100.  In my opinion, the current grading system is okay, but if we combined it with the "new and improved" system, Standards Based Grading, your grades would be represented more appropriately.

       What is the purpose of grades? Do we even need the current grades that we have?  I believe that the purpose if grades is for schools to assess your abilities.  Also, I think it helps them place you in the classes that you need to be in.  In addition to that, I think it is for other schools that you may be interested in attending to see if you are a good contender for their program.

       I don't think that the current grading system represents my knowledge.  For example, this year in my English class, the highest grade we can acquire is a 95%.  My teacher tells us that no writing is perfect, and I agree that you can always change at least one thing to make it better, however if we meet all of the requirements for the essay, I believe that we should receive the grade that we deserve, a 100%.  In this way, I think that our grade is "fake" and we can't go by what this grade is to assess our knowledge because we were in a way given a false grade.

       If we combined Standards Based Grading with the current grading system, I think that our grades would be more accurate.  We should still be given an overall grade, but that should be the only number grade that we have.  Under that should be the topics that were focused on with either a 1,2,3, or 4 next to it to tell is where we need improvement.  With that, I think that we would learn more and be able to know where we needed to spend most of our time studying.

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  1. I definitely understand what you're saying: if you meet and/or exceed all of the requirements, your grade should be for full credit, which at Northern is a 100. That must be a new policy, because I don't think my 8th graders from last year experienced it. I understand why that is frustrating for you.