Thursday, November 14, 2013

Passion Project Progress

My passion project has been going very well so far.  I have researched the specialty dishes from each country that I am interested in.  Also, I have found many of the recipes and I am very excited to start making some of the dishes.  One problem that I have faced is that I sometimes can't find the recipes because they are from different countries.  However, once I looked at multiple websites I was able to find all of the recipes.  Since I have finished all of my research, I have to make up a sheet that is almost a "questionnaire" for each dish that I plan on making, comparing it to the U.S foods.  Also, I have to actually start preparing some of the meals and desserts.  I plan on making one entree and one dessert from each country.  I will then compare my answers on my questionnaire to answers that I find on the internet and in books that I can use about culinary arts from certain countries.  I will see if I pick up on the main differences, and if I didn't, I will try and see why I didn't.

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