Sunday, March 30, 2014

Passion Project 2 Report

Just in the few weeks that we have been working on our passion project I have learned so many new things.  So far I have done research on the expulsion of Germans from the many countries.  Also, I have begun to write the slides for my presentation.  I am learning so many things about my ancestry that I never knew before.  This project is definitely having a different affect on me than the other ones because it is more personal and thought-provoking than the past two that I have completed.

In the next few weeks I have to research the different towns that my Nana and her family visited.  Also, I need to meet with my Aunt Cathy, Aunt Gerda, and Aunt Helen to discuss their journey more in depth.  Once I do these last steps, I have to put my whole presentation together.  These few things are the only thins that I have to do and then my project will be complete.

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